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Townhouse Builders Melbourne

Townhouses are becoming more popular with young people who want to live in cities with more job and population opportunities. Many developers are considering the subdivision of property and the development of townhouses to increase land value.

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What Is A Townhouse

A townhouse is a residential property that generally shares a wall with the townhouses next to it with shared land between the dwellings. These homes typically have 2 to 3 floors in more modern designs.

Townhouses are an affordable solution to the desire for increased floor space in high-density metropolitan locations such as Melbourne. This trend is in direct response to the present-day demographic seeking rental opportunities. A recent ABS study shows that from the mid-80s to 2016, family households dropped from 77% to 70%. Additionally, single-person homes have subsequently increased by 5%.

This study reflects the modern standard of living. Younger generations are looking for homes that have the benefits of both a suburban lifestyle and an inner-city lifestyle.

3 modern brown brick townhouses

The townhouse comes with the perk of owning the land it’s situated on and the exterior and garden features. You’ll share communal areas and maintenance decisions with the local homeowners’ association. Homeowners’ Associations typically require a monthly fee for community upkeep; they also enforce overall aesthetic property standards, ensuring property value protection.

These associations can be very beneficial to first-home owners, as they can help reduce financial risk and overall responsibility. Townhouses are also an attractive investment for banks due to the lower financial risk of establishing a new townhouse. This is due to the lower price point associated with developing a new townhouse compared to free-standing, previously established homes.

Overall, townhouses are economical, high-value properties offering easily maintained housing solutions in high-density areas. Other metropolitan residential buildings are usually more expensive because they are built on larger plots of land in competitive markets.

Are Townhouses a Good Investment?

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A townhouse is fantastic investment property due to its high demand amongst two large buying demographics, young families and retirees. Due to rising real estate demand and prices in Australia, entry into the property market can be challenging for young families.

Young families typically seek 2 to 3-bedroom homes in safe, well-known communities. This goal is much easier to achieve and more affordable when buying a townhouse. Townhouses check all the boxes, providing affordable well-sized housing for young families.

Retirees typically want a smaller, easily maintainable home once their children have grown up and moved out. Townhouses are perfect for this demographic, with enough rooms for a guest bedroom, office, and master bedroom. They are also small enough to upkeep comfortably in the later years of life.

Cost to Build a Townhouse

The monetary entry level for building townhouses is extremely affordable for a land investor or developer. According to the BMT Construction Cost Table, the largest-sized townhouse with a high-quality finish would cost around $3,625 psqm to build. This figure can be compared to the smallest apartment walk-up complex possible, with a similar finish, totalling $3,684 psqm.

Cost to Build a Townhouse


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Two-Storey Townhouses To Maximise Floor Space

Townhouses are becoming increasingly popular due to the trend towards two-storey development, which maximises property value and utility. An increase in living space provides considerable value to potential tenants. It also increases street appeal by showcasing the property’s architecture within the neighbourhood.

Two-storey properties are also a good choice in cityscapes as they offer access to better views and more privacy. Designing a two-storey townhouse also allows for potential garden or lawn options to maximise land space. This is perfect for tenants who want a home closer to the traditional white-picket fence development.

Finally, two-storey townhouses are a great opportunity when considering land development through subdivision. This is because they offer additional value to the land and greater floor space provided to prospective tenants.

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Building Townhouses For Rent

Average rental prices for units within the last quarter in Melbourne, average at $430 a week with prices ranging from $350 a week for a one-bedroom up to $550 a week for a three-bedroom unit, according to market insights from REIV.

Building Townhouses For Rent

Apartment or Townhouse in 2023 For Owners Corporations?

Strata Consultants’ research shows that newer townhouses average $400 weekly rent, compared to only $380 for older apartments. This shows that investing in newer rental properties can be much more lucrative. This data, including consideration given to estimated owner-corporation fees, indicates a better return on investment for townhouses than apartments.

According to the ABS Lending Indicators report, the average Victorian mortgage totals $639,741. Using the mortgage calculator, we can calculate that depending on your loan term; you could be paying between $2,536 to $5,010 a month for a 10 to 30-year mortgage loan with 5.00% interest. At the estimated selling price of $735,000 for a newer townhouse, mortgage repayments would be between $3,206 to $6,344 monthly for the same period with a 5.00% interest rate.

Client Testimonials

    We were fortunate to meet Malcolm, Vance and their team at what was a very stressful time for us. Our first builder having gone into liquidation with our home only at frame stage. Their helpful and professional guidance was invaluable when going through the insurance process. They completed our home to a very high standard and we were kept fully informed through the entire process. They were always available to answer any questions we had. We had a particular desire for a high quality finish to our kitchen and in this regard they exceeded our expectations. If you are looking for a dedicated professional team to build the home you have always dreamed of, then in our experience the Forme Building Group is the company for you.
    We really appreciate your ability to complete the home in such a manner. Especially with the circumstances attached. I am sure you are making a lot of people happy at the moment. I would happily recommend you to any family ready to build.
    Dear Malcolm, We just want to say ‘thank you’ and how very truly grateful and appreciative we are for everything you and your team have done for us. You really are an amazing team. Thank you especially to you Malcolm for all the patience you’ve had and to Vance and Maaike for their continued support throughout. Having chosen Forme Homes to create our new home is a wonderful feeling. Thanks again. We love our home and can’t wait to move in.
    Malcolm and Vance were very accommodating with changing a few things in our plans to better suit us. They also went above and beyond in helping us obtain our subdivision and gave us guidance where it was needed. Communication was exceptional throughout the build and Maaike provides great administration support and is very prompt with responses.
    I have very much enjoyed working with the Forme Homes Team on this project and am very happy with how the project finished up. Special thanks to Vance. Nothing was too much trouble and his help, advice and patience was much appreciated. I won't hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone and look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.
    Forme Homes were great from start to finish, guiding us through the home building process for first time builders and offering excellent suggestions along the way to make our dream home.
  • Paul & Mona
    Thanks to the Forme Homes team for delivering us a beautiful family home. We couldn’t ask for more. The process was so smooth at every level until the end stage, and the results were outstanding. We cannot fault even anything from emails (responded quickly), professionalism, quality, time frame, care, precision and much more. Everyone who sees it is full of admiration. Forme Homes team were very attentive to all our concerns and details. Specially heaps thanks to site manager “John”. Really down-to-earth person. When we bought a sloping land, we were very unclear about what plan would work, but Forme Homes made it possible by building us a dream home easily. We are over the moon with the results. It’s very challenging to find good builders during this time, but we are glad we found one. We (Paul and Mona) would heartily recommend Forme Homes to anyone thinking to build.
    Paul & Mona
  • Ruffian Chiram
    After wasting money with drafts, architects, and so many dodgy builders, we finally found a good one! We haven't built yet and only got past the drafting stage, but the time spent with Forme Homes was better than all of the past experiences. We were worried about certain restrictions being an odd-sized block, but Lorna worked her magic, even going to the block itself and drafting a plan that totally amazed us - thank you Lorna. There's a reason why Forme Homes has 5-star reviews. We will definitely be building with Forne Homes, and I do recommend building your home with Forme Homes. Thank you, Vance. Thank you, Lorna.
    Ruffian Chiram
  • Tara Delgrosso
    So happy with our new beautiful family home. What a wonderful company to work with, they made our experience stress-free, and nothing was ever a hassle. Everyone at Forme was so lovely to deal with, we couldn't speak more highly of them and our end product. Thank you once again.
    Tara Delgrosso
  • Brendan Boyd
    Forme Homes were great to deal with for building our family home. From the design stage to completion, everything was professionally completed to a high-quality standard.
    Brendan Boyd
  • Lili Z
    Great quality and services. Responsive and responsible.
    Lili Z

Townhouse Resale Value

Townhouses are valuable in both resale and rental capacity, with current projections estimating a resale value of $735,000. Considering Melbourne’s present property market projections, these estimates bode well for the Victorian market’s purchase and development of townhouses.

The Melbourne property market remains a surefire investment with a 40-year average price increase of 7.73% per annum for units/apartments.

Best Townhouse Builders Melbourne

Townhouses are a modern and economical way to meet the demand for housing in high-density property markets. Townhouses offer a higher quality of living than apartments, with more space and access to amenities. Townhouses are smaller and more livable than traditional houses, making them a good solution for young families and retirees. They often have private outdoor areas, which makes them even more desirable.

Townhouses offer lucrative investment opportunities for those looking to subdivide and maximise land efficiency. They provide a stable rental market and minimal risk with the inclusion of body corporate associations. Body corporate also provides peace of mind that your asset is protected and maintained at a fair fee. Townhouses are ultimately a fantastic solution on offer to the Australian community both in terms of investment and rental opportunities.

Our team at Forme Homes pride themselves on providing quality townhouse developments and luxury townhouse solutions as a custom home builder. If you’re currently seeking out a townhouse builder, please get in touch with us today. We’ve provided some commonly asked questions and answer below to help you get to know us better.

Do you have a VIC Builder’s Licence?

Yes, we do; all reputable home builders are required to have a Builder’s Licence. Always remember to use the VBA’s Practitioner Search tool if you are ever in doubt of a builder’s credentials.

How much experience do you have?

Forme Homes has over 50 years of building experience and expertise in top residential construction companies.

What will my construction timeline look like?

At Forme Homes, we provide each client with a personal timeline and budget plan, ensuring thorough communication along the way. This timeline can vary project by project but will be established during planning.